JaMBW Chapter 2.3


Would you have a Java capable browser, you will be presented with a window like the one above.

With this Applet, given a DNA sequence and a translation table, it is obtained the Protein translated code.

Q. How to use different translation tables

In order to modify the translation table, just read this file using a word processor and modify the given translation table. Then save the file and reload it in the WWW Browser you are using to read it.

Q. How to translate a DNA sequence to Protein

Just paste in the top window your sequence, or type it in manually. Then press the "return" or "enter" button on your keyboard. Automagically the translated protein sequence will appear in the window beneath.

HINT. What happens by adding One base at the beginning of the sequence ?

In order to see the effect of a single base insertion, type in front of the sequence a single base, ( A, T, C or G) and then look at the resulting protein sequence. Try then to answer at the questions: Repeat the previous experiment inserting one, two, three and more bases, and try to answer again at the previous questions. In addition try to answer:

Related work

Dna<->RNA<-> Protein translation is a bridge which links together huge area of Science. Therefore from this Applet you can interactively explore the intricacies of the Open Reading Frames (look at the ORFSeeker), and as well you can move to the Protein Universe, and just by copy/pasting the product of the translation in the Isoelectric Point engine, see how macromolecules with completely different biochemical behaviour can be obtained by a simple shift of one base ... and what happens with insertions and deletions !