JaMBW Chapter 3.1.6

Isoelectric Plot

The following applet allows to compute the isoelectric plot of a protein sequence. In this way the Isoelectric Point is computed and at any pH is shown the electric behaviour of the aminoacids. Beware, this is only a computation based on the number of charges and does not take into ANY consideration threedimensional effects. Therefore is specially suited for small proteins and for random coiled structures. In order to use this applet in your page, it uses the following parameteres: Planned improvements:
  1. instead of using parameters, allow input of sequences by copy/pasting and by browsing the local file tree
  2. instead of using parameters, allow a slider to vary jump
  3. allow a pure GIF output
  4. zooming
  5. ... anything else missing ? let me know !

Last modified:30 July 1996, by Luca I.G. TOLDO