Antigenicity Plot

The following applet allows to compute the antigenicity plot of a protein sequence. In this way the Antigenicity index is computed and the antigenicity behaviour of the aminoacids. Beware, this is only a computation based on the algorithm by Hopp and Woods published on PNSA Vol 78, pages 3824-3828 and does not take into ANY consideration threedimensional effects. Therefore is specially suited for small proteins and for random coiled structures. Would you use a Java aware browser, you would be able to use this applet to compute the Antigenicity Index of your protein sample and also view the change in its value across the sequence.
This applet can be loaded automatically with a sequence, by calling it with the following parameter. Planned improvements:
  1. allow a pure GIF or XBM output
  2. output a tabulated version of the graph (using JavaScript like in PcRimer)

Last modified:10 November 1996, by Luca I.G. TOLDO, based on a C code provided by Ramu Chenna