JaMBW Chapter 5

Design-related work

A data-centered approach to bioinformatic had always left the Scientist alone when was the time of designing new experiments. It is in the following pages that a process-driven approach is taking place and without reliefing the Scientist from the final decision making process, wants to alleviate him in the generation of several scenarios for perform his / her experiments.
Therefore, hereafter we can appreciate a great threedimensional-viewer applet, which features measurement capabilities in order to give the Scientist possibility to evaluate quantitatively spatial relationships between different parts of the molecule.
Hereafter is offered a Primer design applet which offer the Scientist a selection of primers to perform his / her PCR amplifications.
Then the great set of Genome Mapping calculators, by which different scenarios can be explored on the challenging task of Genome Mapping.
Last, but not least, the probably very first resource that any scientist needs to use daily: the Buffer Calculator !
  1. View 3D structures (by Dirk Walther)
  2. primer design (by Luca Toldo)
  3. Genome Mapping calculators(by Andrey Grigoriev)
  4. Buffer Calculator(by Prof. R.Beynon)