Molecular Diagnostics In The Food Industry - BBS3726

Molecular Diagnostics In The Food Industry - BBS3726 is a third year, semester II subject and is being developed using flexible delivery resources for the instruction at the Logan Campuses, Griffith University. As is the case with all subjects, some changes to the topics and emphasis will be necessary and will be reviewed from time to time.

For 2000, the subject will entail submission of an assignment (70%) and a seminar (30%) selected from one of the following topics. The topics reflect the recent advances made in the general molecular techniques for the detection of microorganisms and the principles behind these techniques. As the information is relatively recent, using the web for the assignment topics will be necessary. I have a list of useful web sites for some of the topics at the URL Examples for the use of these techniques in the food industry will need to be provided and if such information is unavailable then you will need to speculate on how and why the use of the principle / technique could be of advantage to the food industry.

  1. DNA (gene) chip technology:
  2. You have been given a sequence for analysis. Analyse the sequence as indicated and answer the questions. The URL for the assignments is at: http://tris . and
    /courses/bbs7022/x.html will assist you in the analysis.
  3. Real Time PCR:
    LightCycler from Idaho and
    Rotor gene
  4. rRNA molecule:
  5. Tracking and tracing introduced genes in the environment using  transgenic plants as examples.
  6. Genome databases:
  7. Proteome databases:
  8. Campylobacteria as food pathogens: Look at the site http://trish to get you started.
The assignment will be approximately 3000 words in length. The submission date of the assignment is Monday 27th October of week 13. Completed assignments should be handed into Dr Tony Greene in the Logan Campus. 70% marks has been allocated for the written part of the assignment.

The seminar has been scheduled for Monday 23rd October in week 13 during the normal sceduled lecture time (1pm to 4 pm). The duration of the presentation will be 10 mins plus 5 mins for questions. A projector and computer is usually available for powerpoint presentation at the Logan Campus. Arrangements for its use should be made with the Logan Audio Visual Section of INS well in advance of the scheduled presentation date. 30% marks has been allocated for this section.