Microbiology  BBS2005 and BBS2005L
Lecture Outline 
Topic A: The Importance of Microorganisms and Developements in Microbiology (2L)

Topic B: Growth Of Microorganisms In The Laboratory: (2L)

Topic C: Microbial Structures And Their Functions: (6L)

Topic D: Control Of Microbial Growth: (3L)

Topic E: Detailed Studies On Microbial Groups and their environments: (10L)

Topic F: Microbial Genetics and Diversity : (6L)

Topic: Microbial Biochemistry: (4L)

Note: The topic listing provided above is only a general guide. Variation to the topics and the order in which the topics are presented in lectures is possible.

Convenor: Dr. Bharat Patel <B.Patel@griffith.edu.au>
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