BBS2005 and BBS2005L
Course Requirements

General Information

This is a one-semester (second semester) General Microbiology course which includes lectures and laboratories. There are approximately 31 lectures for the course with 8 problem (tutorial) classes interdispersed amongst the lecture schedule. The lectures are scheduled to run as a block of 3 consecutive lectures. Lecture time tables are published on the Griffith University web server at the URL: timetable prior to the start of semester II.

Recommended Texts

Either of the following text books is recommended and can be purchased through the Co-op Booshop. NOTE: An alternative General Microbiology textbook, may also be used. Please refer to the course outline which can be used to guide you in finding the relevant sections from your alternative textbook.

Reading Assignments

(Lecture / Reading Schedule) Reading assignments are listed with the course outline. In general, you should read those sections that correspond to the lecture material. The lecturer may also mention specific pages or sections in assigned chapters. You shoul plan on reading approximately 30 to 40 pages of you text book per week. If you fail to do this you will only have to catch up with the reading later on. You should read the chapters prior to the scheduled lecture but failing this you should read it at least on the same day.


Three quizzes will be held during the semester for this subject but students will need to attend any two of these. These two quizzes constitute 30% of the totalmarks for the subject. Quizzes are not compulsory but not attending these will mean forfiting the allocated marks. Students should remember that no more than three quizzes will be held during the semester. Students can attend all three quizzes but marks for the best two will be used for assessment. The quizzes will be in the form of short answers and / or multiple choice type formats. The scheduled time table for the three quizzes is as follows:

Exams and Marking Scheme

The following details the marking scheme for the course:

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