7307BPS - Bioinformatics

  • These webpages provide computer-based approaches to learning Bioinformatics for the course 7307BPS- Bioinformatics. The webpages are under continual development and may be subject to modifications.

  • The content provided on these web pages are not designed to be extensive notes for use in place of formal lectures but rather, are provided as supporting information / summaries to complement the lectures and the relevant chapters recommended for reading from the prescribed text book for the course.

    Course Information

    An introduction to Bioinformatics Under revision

    Bioinformatics Summary

    Getting Started

    Bioinformatics Online Analysis Tools

    Finding Sequences in databases

    Similarity Searching

    Pairwise and Multiple Alignments

    Sequence and Function Relationship

    Microbial Genomes

    PCR Primer & Probe Design



    Assignment 1

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