PrimerGen For The PC


PrimerGen program is a free software for the PC and can be obtained by anonymous ftp from:

PrimerGen works on IBM-PC, XT, AT, PS/2 and compatibles with EGA or VGA graphics adaptors. It will not work on computers with CGA or Hercules graphics cards. A hard drive is NOT required and PrimerGen will fit on a 360K 5.25" floppy disk.

PrimerGen program searches strings of amino acid residues in order to reverse-translate oligonucletide primers of a desired range of lengths and maximum number of degeneracies.

PrimerGen contains a sequence editor where amino acid residues are entered. The amino acid sequence must be ONE fragment and cannot be longer than 70 residues. The sequence must be in the ONE LETTER CODE and cannot contain UNKNOWN AMINO ACIDS. After the desired amino acid sequence has been entered you have the option of saving the sequence to a disk. PrimerGen will also accept and re-edit previously saved sequence files, and also contains a codon preference table editor.

A copy of PrimerGen has been installed on the 50Mhz laboratory computer and is available for use.

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Created: 23 March 1997
Modified: 23 March 1997