Curriculum Vitae - Bharat Patel

Technical Reports

  1. Final report on studies of microorganisms from springs to Ministry of Lands and Survey, New Zealand. Patel, B.K.C., Morgan, H.W. and Daniel, R.M. (1984).

  2. Enzyme hydrolysis of cellulose by extremely thermophilic bacteria. Sissions, C.H., Bertram, K., Daniel, R.M., Morgan, H.W., Patel, B.K.C. and Sharrock, K. (1982). A report submitted to B.P. Energy Prize Award, United Kingdom (1982).

  3. Repair and modification of DNA. Patel, B.K.C. A seminar to the Department of Microbiology, Gujarat University, Gujarat, India. (1979).

  4. A survey of thermophilic bacteria in the Mokai thermal region. An environmental impact report. Patel, B.K.C. (1987).

  5. Fermentation by extremely thermophilic bacteria. Patel, B.K.C., Morgan, H.W. and Daniel, R.M. (1986).

  6. Applications and potentials of techniques of manipulating large chromosome sized DNA in agriculture. B.K.C. Patel. A report on a visit to Sydney University (1987).

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